The interior Ministry explained the procedure for replacing passports with expired

In accordance with the presidential decree published today on the portal of legal acts for citizens of Russia, in which the validity of the internal passport is expired or will expire in the period from 1 February to 15 July 2020, the replacement passport is not required.

“These documents are valid until July 15, 2020. The receipt of any additional certificates during this period is not required. However, if necessary, the passport will be replaced in the usual manner. In this case, please comply with quarantine measures, accessed through the portal or to use preliminary record by phone”, – is reported on the website of the interior Ministry.

the interior Ministry said that if the validity of the passport expired before February 1, 2020, then the document is considered invalid and is subject to obligatory replacement.

Also before July 15, 2020 deferred the deadline of obtaining a passport for minors under 14 years of age. This applies to children born in the first half of 2006. A document certifying their identity, and will continue to be a birth certificate or previously issued passport.

However, the possibility of obtaining a passport is maintained for all citizens. If this is so necessary, that “to replace a passport that expires or has expired, or the issuance of a new passport instead of lost (stolen, damaged), or the age of 14 years, citizens need to make an appointment at the numbers listed on the official websites of the territorial bodies of the MIA of Russia (order of the Russian Federation + for example: or via the portal (” – says the interior Ministry.

it is Worth noting that for drivers whose period of eligibility has expired in that period, subject to the same order. That is to involve them in the responsibility for management without the rights until July 15, no one will. Provided that the period of validity of driving license expired not earlier than 1 February.

But they also have the right to change the law, pre-register for this event through the portal. On one condition. Must have a valid driver’s medical certificate to which it is very difficult. For this reason, the timing of the exchange of driving licences are shifted until July 15.