this information was given by the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova during a regular meeting on ensuring law and order in the region.

Note, the cybersecurity team has across the country today dozens of sites-clones of the portal of public services and other official resources where requests for assistance to entrepreneurs and citizens affected by the pandemic. Especially financial fraud has intensified after the President’s decision on payment of 10 thousand rubles for the children. Network instantly flooded with fake special page on the portal.

– Attackers are constantly adapting their scheme under the relevant agenda, says senior content analyst “Kaspersky Lab” Tatyana Sidorina. – It is not surprising that in a Network there fake offers, spam emails and phishing resources, exploiting the theme of coronavirus.

Natalia Komarova stressed that in this connection it is necessary to unite efforts of state authorities, local self-government, Telecom operators, banking institutions. It is important to raise awareness of Ugra about the treatment of Bank cards, purchase items online, communicating by phone with persons unknown, to teach people how to recognize and fake web sites.

– we in the region have a positive experience of interagency cooperation on the information counter these types of crimes, – said Natalia Komarova. – However, state and municipal programs in the field of information and communication technologies must adapt to the changing conditions, as the electronic fraud is one of the fastest growing types of criminal activities.

the head of the region reminded law enforcement about the need to work more closely with credit-financial institutions, mobile operators according to messages of citizens about the attempts of fraud with use of means of communication. If need be, to enter into agreements on interaction for increase of efficiency of exchange of documents and information.

At the same time, as it was mentioned in the meeting, after four months the level of crime in Yugra is still the lowest in the Ural region, it is 424,4 crimes on 100 thousand population. For comparison: in the Urals Federal district, this figure 523,6. In Russia as a whole – 458,1.

With the beginning of the year reduced the number of crimes related to the importation into the region of drugs, the number of accidents, crimes in public places.