The head of “Mail of Russia” Maxim Akimov has asked President Vladimir Putin to support two new projects of the company: one is called “Email-business” and is associated with online trading, the other involves the creation of social centers in rural areas, according to the website of the Kremlin.”We have big plans for new products. We have two ideas. So we ask here for support, rather it is a coordinating nature. But I think these two stories for good development — social and economic — would be very useful,” said Mr. Akimov at the meeting with the head of state.The project “Email-business” is a series of digital solutions related to electronic Commerce. “E-Commerce has given us a significant increase in revenue by 2019, we exceeded 200 billion rubles since the 90 billion rubles in 2009, this rapid growth,”— said the head of “Mail of Russia”. He added that “it is necessary to restart the” small and medium entrepreneurship. “Channels of online trading — it’s the perfect story to start, but you have both provide measures of state support to give a good logistics,”— said Maxim Akimov.Another project “Mail of Russia” is the creation of social centres in the countryside. “10 million people we only point to the state of presence, we have them there and shop and Bank and service center. Of course, if the right to allot the resources of government programs, without involving new resources… that “Mail of Russia” — the perfect place,” said Mr. Akimov. It is assumed that at the post office, it will be possible to register on the website services, conduct light medical diagnosis, to enroll in online training courses etc. According to the head of “Mail of Russia” it will be a powerful incentive for the development of social centers in rural areas, where the company has 11 thousand units.Read more about the activities of the company is in material twinning project “b” “Mail Essentials”.