Kapelle-op-Den-Bos, the parish Priest, Jean-Marie D Holland was Sunday morning, a first. After pastoorDirk Vannetelboschdie two weeks ago, Sunday mass streamde from the sint-jans-molenbeek, decided to also see Jean-Marie is a digital mass from St Nicholas ‘ church in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. “I want to have it every week. Then we get to hospitals and people living in sheltered housing to stay,” said a highly-motivated, Jean-Marie.

Connection, it is important to be in good time, but it is also
less time
Jean-Marie D’hollander

The absolute goal of of the vicar, D’hollander, it is for people to continue to connect with. “Solidarity is very important in the good times, but also in less good times. Unity is what counts, and that we should definitely not be overlooked. People no longer come to church? Then we get to digital,” said the man, who, since the in 2015 in Kapelle-op-den-Bos Ramsdonk, and in the Nieuwenrode to the masses later.

Or is that a success? Clearly, you do! “This is the first mass, we took 110 of a live audience. While there are normally about 100 to 150 people have been in Kapelle-op-den-Bos, and about 100 in Ramsdonk. I am happy here”, says Jean-Marie. It came with 50 positive responses in the market.


ok, It was the first ‘regular’ mass, that he was using Facebook streamde, it all went pretty smoothly. “I have a test in the morning with a tripod and a smartphone to make a movie, and the sound of a room. And they did. The location was also tough enough so that it was not a problem. What it’s like to have a mass for an empty church. Strange. In this way, we will continue to reach people. I just want to be happy in every don’t miss streaming from now on.”

anyone Who would like to attend may do so viaVieringen pastoral zone to “Anchor” it on Facebook.