The first channel only after the death of Limonov decided to show it to an interview with Posner, captured off the air two years ago

Eduard Limonov Eduard Limonov
Photo: Andrew Ninaricci / Agency city news “Moscow”

the First channel on March 30 will show in the program “Posner” interview with writer and politician Eduard Limonov, written in 2018, but it never aired. The program announcement published on the official website of Vladimir Pozner with the clarification that the interview will be shown in memory of Limonov.

Initially the record was planned to be aired June 4, 2018, then the date was pushed back, and then the program and all withdrew. Posner did not mention the reason of such decision of the leadership of the First channel, vaguely explaining that it has nothing to do with politics, nor with the content of the conversation, nor by the parties to the release. However, he noted that it has long wanted to invite Limonov on the show, but the channel guide for a long time did not give its consent.

the Press service of the TV channel explained the removal interviews with Limonov from the air that the broadcast in General has undergone changes in connection with the passage then, in Russia the world football championship. Night projects, to which applies the program Posner, was removed from the show.

Posner said he learned about the cancellation of the release of the fellow who does his site: he called the TV host and said that instead of an interview with Limonov is a series. According to Posner, after that he wrote to the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst’s letter, “which, they say, is an outrage”, and suggested to close the program.

“Well then first his [Ernst’s] Deputy, and then he called and he told me the following: “Mr President, Yes, indeed, it is a disgrace that you have to say, I instructed, but you didn’t say, but I took Limonov, for reasons I can’t tell you over the phone. This has nothing to do with what he said, but nevertheless it is”” (quote on the website Posner).

the Broadcaster said that he was embarrassed in front of Limonov, and apologized. “My work is linked with such situations. Unfortunately, our television is very politicized, there is a fight and that happened what happened,” stated the journalist.

In an interview with Yuri Dude in August 2018 Lemons called Posner “a survivor” who “always goes away with water.” Consent to an interview with him the writer explained his “lack of principle”. “If you want the audience to many millions of people, of course I’ll go,” he said.

Eduard Limonov died March 17 at age 77. The last time he had several operations in connection with cancer. 20 Mar writer was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, the farewell ceremony was closed under the last will of Limonov.