all in All since the beginning of the year was held 16 plenary meetings, including two extraordinary meetings, they reviewed more than 300 laws. Senators in the Duma introduced more than 80 bills, some of which has already been adopted by Parliament.

“came to an end, perhaps one of the most intense, the most unusual parliamentary sessions in our history”, – said the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, in closing the meeting. “Concentration is important, fateful events in recent months have exceeded all expectations. It was a real test of strength, and I believe that we are all citizens of Russia not only managed to get through it, but has acquired a new quality, strengthen its unity, cohesion, belief in themselves,” she added.

According to Matvienko, the country built a robust political, economic, social Foundation, which helped Russians to cope with new challenges.

Among the major events of the past year she’s called effective against coronaviruses, including the participation of senators in the preparation of the economic recovery plan.

New page in the history of Russia was opened July 1, when the citizens on the national vote supported the amendments to the Constitution of the country, added the head of the Federation Council. “I think it is very important that the current Constitution from the Constitution of 1993 is distinguished by its absolute and undisputed legitimacy,” she said.

In the autumn session the senators have a lot of work on the implementation of the provisions of the Basic Law in the Federal regulations. Have to prepare and take about 100 documents. In addition, the senators will assist the regions in mainstreaming the local law in accordance with the amendments to the Constitution.

the Next meeting of the Federation Council will be held on September 23. By this time the members of the upper chamber will issue new ID cards and badges – now they have the right to be called senators of the Russian Federation on the basis of article 95 of the Basic Law.