The Federation Council did not support the idea of a fine for a dog barking in the night

Thus he commented on the proposals of the Ministry of justice of Russia on introduction of administrative liability of infringement of silence and rest of citizens committed in the form of inactivity.

“In the example of the barking dog left for a long time, or triggered alarm, – said the Senator. But you know, this is not a complete list of acts that fall under this novel. Will be fine for the baby’s crying at night for the sounds of animals and so forth.”

Klishas said that the Russians proposed to punish that many people and not interfere. Moreover, in most cases, citizens will not even know they are doing something punishable, for example, if a person went to work, and the alarm of the car, he added.

“the Uncertainty of the proposed rule is a possible corruption of the sign. In addition, do not understand the procedure of drawing up of the Protocol for the proposed offence who, on the basis of what it will do,” continued the Senator.

the proposals of the Ministry of justice was not discussed at meetings of the interdepartmental working group on the preparation of a new Cao, which was created in order to discuss controversial and uncertain moments, said Andrei Klishas.

He was confident that the peace of the citizens must be protected by law, but in this case, “this good intention, we see attempts to introduce administrative law changes that contravene not only the spirit of the law, but also common sense.”

“if these proposals will be submitted to the Federation Council, we oppose them,” – concluded the head of the constitutional Committee of the Federation Council.