Two negotiations were for the 21. July, and the third for the 28. July, as the court announced on Monday. The first VW-the procedure before the Supreme court since the end of the year for the 5. May terminated. According to the current state of the negotiation is to take place in spite of the Corona-crisis. A judgment, there may be always the same on the same day. There is, however, that the judge schedule for the proclamation of a separate appointment.

car buyers to claim damages from the VW

In all four cases the buyer of the exhaust-gas scandal affected used car for damages from the manufacturer in Volkswagen’s request. You want to give because of the illegal exhaust technology, the car returned and the purchase price back. In Detail there are differences.

we had a for the 21. July scheduled procedure, one of the plaintiffs, the offered Software Update, let it install (Az. VI ZR 367/19). The other plaintiffs refused. Therefore, the operation of the vehicle was under him Az says, (. VI ZR 354/19). Both cases come from the Oberlandesgericht (higher regional court) of Braunschweig, the plaintiffs came away empty-handed. The car buyer, whose case, on 28. July is supposed to be negotiated, awarded the prize to the higher regional court of Oldenburg damages for intentional immoral injury. In addition, the judge ruled that they can require so-called tort interest. The use of the car was charged. (Az. VI ZR 397/19)

pattern of proceedings may reach the Supreme court

Supreme court decisions on the Diesel are eagerly awaited. Very many of the fundamental right of unsolved questions. The pattern is suit for several hundred thousand diesel driver can no longer reach the Supreme court. VW and the consumer organisations have agreed on a settlement, so there will be no judgment. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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