The expert assessed the anti-virus measures during the spring draft

Only in the spring and summer for military service in the Armed forces, Resguardo, border troops of the FSB and other structures of the call 135 thousand young people. They have to select from 650 thousand young people of military age.

because of the pandemic, the military restructured its operations. Disinfection of the premises, and established the thermal control of visitors, they are given personal protective equipment, nutty time sending recruits troops. Are there enough safety measures in the spread of the coronavirus? On this issue, “MK” has answered with great experience of military service, the Chairman of the Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, the Hero of the Russian Federation major-General Sergey Lime:

-Believe that the Department of defense for the organization of recruitment in the face of opposition coronavirus absolutely ready. The epidemiological situation will not affect conscription. To do this, take reasonable measures in the military imposed strict rules and schedules visit the established disinfection of premises and surfaces.

on arrival at the place of service for all recruits provided a two-week quarantine in separate groups, so recruits will not be able to carry the virus in parts, which will host the service.

According to the expert, “thanks to preventive measures taken by the Ministry of defence, the possibility of the spread of coronavirus in the Armed forces are minimized.”

-moreover – it is much lower than in the civilian world, – said Mr. Linden. – Military units are isolated from each other, contacts with carriers of the virus who came from abroad or were infected from those who brought the virus from lesions of the pandemic are virtually eliminated.

And even if we assume the probability of penetration of the virus in some of the parts, beyond the infection will not work. The defense Ministry will soon complete the construction of the 16 military hospitals for patients with the coronavirus, so that medical assistance will be available to all”.