The expert air defense: in the 90 years we have passed the test of betrayal

-Sergey Petrovich, in the wars going in different hot spots, means of antiaircraft defense (air defense) play a significant role.

-And this role, mind you, increases. While early air defense forces greatly influenced the course and outcome of conflicts. For example, few people remember that in the 60-ies, at the request of China was established the group of Soviet forces for the organization of air defense of Shanghai. And It fulfilled its task. In Vietnam, our defense system played a decisive role.

in our country, a landmark event that put an end to impunity for the flights of American spy planes over the Soviet Union occurred on may 1, 1960, when he was shot down an American spy plane U-2 piloted by Gary Powers. He was shot down our air defense systems s-75. Although the flight altitude of the U-2 exceeded 20 kilometers. This year, incidentally, marks 60 years of air combat.

For the Americans, it was a surprise?

Yes, they did not think that we have the means at this height to get their planes. It was already the 24th reconnaissance flight over the Soviet Union. The route was as follows: Pakistan – Norway. In our airspace he was supposed to go over two objects – the Baikonur cosmodrome and the Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg). On Board was a full set of spy equipment.

But all over the fact that their spy was shot down. However, then lost two of our own fighters. Killed Soviet pilot. This happened due to the fact that it was not organized proper coordination between fighter aviation and antiaircraft missile forces. However, it is from this time began a new era of defense.

How do air defense evolved? What are the stages passed?

-I would identified the stages of development. 1950-1960-ies – create a shield of defense. 1960-1980-ies – the test of battle, when the defense played a crucial role in many military conflicts, in Vietnam, in the middle East. 1980-1990s – the creation of a super-defense, when there was a uniform system of district councilstion. In those years, adopted the plane of distant radar detection A-50 – airborne command post and airborne radar. The control system has received new opportunities. Aircraft began to home in on targets automatically.

-But then perestroika began, the Red square of the villages Mathias rust, a happened 1991, the first year…

-I would call the time – trial by treason. The course, which was chosen by our guide, led to the collapse of the defense. Before we had 7 armies of the Moscow district air defense and air defense. As a result, everything has been cut into the hull and parts of the defense. Technology is not enough, all of it is outdated, the new is not received. To maintain it in operational condition was very difficult. We had sometimes three hours complexes to assemble one working to put him on alert.

Soon after 2000, the situation began to change. Went to active construction, there were new systems. Impetus to the development were the fighter aircraft, and Radiotechnical troops. To the forefront in the development of advanced missile component, which was the precursor to the creation of aerospace defense.

And if we had, starting with the 50-ies, talked about the organizational creation of sector, zone or area air defense, now we’re talking about the whole territories under the protection of the defense. And not only our country, but, for example, and Syria. There was a question about the cover for the air defense system of the border of coastal areas, and specifically – the Northern sea route.

-That is, in Syria we’ve created a mini-model of its organization of air defense?

-We own air defense systems on the territory of Syria, as it unfolded dome security, having fulfilled their mission of peace for the protection of air space of this country.

-As fulfilled if Israel periodically launches rocket attacks on some targets in Syria?

-the Cunning Israelis strikes from a neighboring country, or coveringtrying Golan heights. For example, strikes without entering the Syrian airspace from Lebanon. The Syrians have no right to destroy them there. There are no international treaties that allow it to do. Here the Israelis have it and use it. They use the classic tactics of suppression of air defense system. However, the Americans, or someone else on Syrian territory to fly in the open, still do not dare.

-this year was another sensational situation with the anti – air RAID launched by Houthis cruise missiles and drones to oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis defended the American complexes “Patriot”, but to do nothing could. And our defense would have coped in a similar situation with a touch of such a number of drones?

– – question: right – not right – not worth it. Remember when, in 2018, about the same number of drones and missiles were launched from the sea into Syria? I think the Americans, this had a hand. We did it!

the Main strike force of the attackers then were cruise missiles. A few of them exploded and fell into our hands. We took them apart to screw, studied and said: thank you, fellow Americans.

why fall?

-Because, firstly, it was applied systems of electronic warfare. The rocket was knocked off course, lost the coordinates, and blow not struck. Second, more than 40% of the targets of the Syrian aircraft destroyed in flight. That has been proven the effectiveness of Syria’s air defense, which was created on the basis of our Russian complexes.

the Terrorists periodically attack our bases in Syria – Hamim and Tartus – with the help of drones. And we have to confirm their ability to reflect the attacks.

We conduct timely intelligence, develop “Shells”, the whole air defense system to low-altitude target reconnaissance and combat drones, which can act not only single, but also swarms, flocks, were warrantyHanno destroyed.

-isn’t this a small target for such major defense systems? The Americans after their systems failed to protect Saudi oil facilities, said that their Patriot is generally not designed for this purpose. They say, it’s the same thing shoot from a gun on sparrows.

-Yes, if only the attack of these “sparrows” has not led to a reduction in oil production in Saudi Arabia at 5.7 million barrels per day – half of this amount.

His unwillingness to combat the problem the Americans were justified by the fact that in Iraq, and in Saudi Arabia, they have few complexes. Half of them are in repair, the other part is not deployed, there is no normal command points, there is no single system of intelligence… Say, there is still useless, as the enemy is too weak.

I think it’s not that. It’s just a disregard for the Americans to resist the enemy. Underestimating him. They did not expect, where we may see such a number of drones, and they will need to fire. They were not ready for it.

American strategic drones climb to a height of 18 to 20 kilometers or more. Our defense can effectively deal with this type of funds?

-of Course. Since the powers have not forgotten how. The affected area of the s-300 or s-400’s heights from 10 meters to 37 kilometers. Besides, fighter aircraft at such heights can use them to work – there is no problem.

Altitude range of applications of unmanned vehicles is very large. You have to consider that reconnaissance drones can be used at low and high altitudes. But attack drones are usually at low altitudes. To quickly and precisely from a low height, not wasting fuel, forces and means to immediately strike at the order. The Americans and the Israelis that these drones are already close in their characteristics to military aircraft. Today pure technologically, we can destroy the drone in any performance.

-What fundamentally changed in our defense with the formulation adopted s-500.

-This complex is able to solve several problems. For example, the detection and destruction of conventional aerodynamic targets – aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles – all that flies in the range of hypersonic speeds. But other than that, the s-500 can shoot down ballistic targets, not only on the descending part of the trajectory, but also on all the others. There speed already space – a few kilometers per second.

He is able to destroy targets at altitudes up to nearly 200 km and at ranges of up to 600 kilometers. That is, the s-500 is capable of working on targets in near space. It’s already anti-space weapons. In this complex technically applied method of separation when one locator works on targets flying at the maximum altitude and on the fact that flying near the ground up to 30 kilometers.

American Aegis and THAAD interceptors, including those that are deploying in Romania and Poland, also claim to have to destroy a ballistic missile in the initial phase of flight?

-Only these possibilities are not supported by any tests or live fire. And yet, I think the US will force its satellites in the West and the East to procure these missiles.

-Here, apparently, the operative word being “buy”?

-of Course. For Americans the main thing – to sell more expensive and to tell then that has freely given you, creating a missile defense system from Russia.

let me Remind you, we have a layered multichannel territorial missile defense system A-235 complex “Nudol” missiles interception near and far to thousands of kilometres only established around Moscow-industrial district.

But with the advent of such a complex, the s-500, we can talk about the missile defense of the whole territory. And subsequently, with the increase of production and improvement of these products already on ABOUT the country in General and creation on this basis of the aerospace defense of the Russian Federation.

-anyone in the world has anything like this or is it just us?

we are the Only one. In General, speaking about the defense system, only it is in such condition that no one in the world.