The EU had Not managed to leave the Schengen area for citizens of the Russian Federation to extend visa

“a Temporary restriction of entry into the EU, established on 16 March, valid for 30 days. Its renewal will depend on the development of the situation. As for tourists, including from Russia, which are in the EU and can’t leave until the expiration of the short term visa (for signs of coronavirus restrictions – approx. “RG”), the members can extend the validity of visas for up to 90 days”, – quotes the Ambassador RIA Novosti.

Photo: iStock the Airline will receive 1.5 billion roubles for the costs of evacuation of tourists

in addition, if staying in the EU exceeds 90 days, tourists short-term visitors and those who have the right to visa-free entry, will issue long-term national visa or temporary residence permit. All you need to do is to contact the immigration service of the country of stay, explained Ederer.

For late payment of visa penalties will not, and the fact of delay in the future will not be taken into account when new applications for a Schengen visa. However, this applies only in this case, accentuate the Ambassador. The delay occurred not in the context of a pandemic, will be taken into account.