“a Number of regions gives a discount on the vehicle tax or Parking. But I do not believe in such privileges, such as Parking. For commercial vehicles is not actual measures. They are more designed for natural persons who are engaged in individual entrepreneurship. But as an incentive it is in the action plan. And we are looking at such incentives as free Parking, a transit of heavy trucks on natural gas through the city at any time of the day, easing taxes,” said Anton Inyutsyn.

Some regions propose to introduce a 50% discount or even remove the fee for “Plato”. “Of course, in this case, probably tomorrow everyone will be on the gas. But road builders have to obtain money from the state. We can’t, encouraging one to take resources from the other,” – said the Deputy Minister.

In his opinion, all the conditions for the transition to gas is created, but the basic calculation is made for those who travels a lot. “Our target audience – cars that a lot of travel. We don’t want all the gas to transfer. Moreover, there is a transport which is not feasible to transfer the gas. For example, machinery can be translated, but a combine or tractor, which is seasonal, not so fast will pay off, such as “Gazelle”, which goes year-round. But the producers can move the gas light commercial vehicles, which takes finished products from the fields and farms”, – says the Deputy head of the energy Ministry.

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