As reported in a press-service of the southern military district, was found among 30-, 82-, 122 -, and 150-millimeter shells, grenades and fuses to them, as well as signal cartridges. Now the military demining an area of 900 hectares is agricultural land and forest Fund in the Kurchaloy, Achkhoy-Martan, Urus-Martan and Sernovodsk the Chechen districts. Work carried out at altitudes of 100 to 1300 meters. The demining group motorized infantry connection of the 58th combined arms army used 15 pieces of military equipment, as well as calculations with dogs.

As the correspondent “RG” in the Ministry of agriculture of Chechnya, after clearing the land go into use of local farmers. “Areas assigned to the enterprises or farmers. After soldiers are fully finished, owners will be able to once again cultivate the land,” – said the Agency.

It also explained that it is not just about inaccessible areas and mountainous areas but also on lowland area in the vicinity of settlements. The locals know where it left the shells and ammunition. Part of the hazardous findings detected during processing of the earth, then this is reported by representatives of local authorities and the police. Then such site in the registry of clearance.

“the Local population avoided the dangerous places, there is not cattle grazed, plots were not treated. This year the Chechen Republic will be completely clear,” – said in the Ministry of agriculture.

According to the Agency, from 2012 to 2019 cleaned and put into circulation 18 531 hectares. Of them 15,301 hectares of agricultural land, 3319 forest Fund. This year the bomb squad defuse another 1268,8 hectare.

“The returned turnover of the land now grown products, graze cattle. It is for us as a safety issue, and the issue of security of the local people with work. In addition, farmers who process these land taxes of the budget of the region”, – added in Ministry of agriculture of Chechnya.

According to the farmer Apti vakhayeva, who now tills the fields previously considered dangerous, the villagers waited so long for, when the land will again become suitable for cultivation:

– the Situation now and 10 years ago is incomparable. Then it was impossible to go out in the woods or on the field, not afraid to hit a mine. That is something to grow or graze cattle, and was out of the question.

there were cases when civilians become victims of a dangerous “war Souvenirs”. For example, an entrepreneur from the village of Ulus-Kert (near him in the beginning of 2000 there was a fight between Federal troops and a large group of militants under the leadership of Khattab and Basayev) Igor Malikov at the age of 15 together with his friends went to the mountains for wild garlic, and teenagers were blown up by hidden installation��m in the foliage of the projectile. One of the boys was killed and Jamaldin tore off the foot. Many years later he returned to his native village, in the area which were engaged in the cultivation of hazelnuts.

As noted by Apti Vakhaev, the villagers asked local authorities to write applications first and foremost to the clearance of those plots which are closest to adjacent settlements. There is another nuance associated with the local mentality.

– Especially mountain Chechnya, where people faithful to traditions, and each teip their land. For Chechen land, where for centuries his family had lived for the sacred. So many it was painful to think that it has become life-threatening.

For continuous cleaning of the territories of Chechnya and Ingushetia from explosive devices, military engineers began in may 2012. It was planned to clear about 16 thousand hectares of agricultural land and forest Fund, but in the end eight years of military personnel surveyed more than 20 thousand hectares, discovering and destroying more than 37 thousand mines, shells, grenades, grenades and other ammunition, and improvised explosive devices. Work is performed in protective suits sapper OVR-2 “Falcon”. Soldiers use engineering machinery obstacle clearing IMR-2, seekers of non-contact explosive devices “Kite” and modern mine detectors PPO-2I.