Slowly, we are allowed to dream but in the summer, or? From the warm rays of the sun on our skin, the smell after a summer thunderstorm, and the colorful bright flower meadows.

Even if the weather is not up to date-so bad, a little warmer it may be then but still. So that we can in our colored clothes with long summer nights and dancing. What in the matter of dress, the greatest Trends are, you can find here.

Trend 1: leather look,

leather is only for tough girls? Wrong! In the Form as a dress, the trend of material receives a feminine Touch. Best of all, With tights, the transparent part can also be worn to transition periods and in Winter with boots.

Trend 2: The classic in Black

The little Black dress never goes out of fashion. It is an absolute classic, and enchants in the summer of 2020, more than ever. Whether with long Sleeves, wide shoulders, high neck or off the shoulder Trend knows no boundaries.

Trend 3: White dresses

White dresses have blossomed into a true All-Timer for the warm Season. Also this summer, the bright Pieces are a popular Trend. However, a Problem brings the White with Often the clothes are transparent, and we only wear to the beach. But that is over now! The sought-after dresses come in 2020, made of linen or cotton. Here, you get Details such as ruffles or puff sleeves for a romantic touch.

Trend 4: pleated

Romantic, it is also in this Trend: Fine pleats swirl around this summer, our legs. Most of the time we are accustomed to us this fabric from the skirts, which were 2019, a Must-have. In the new season, we dare a little more, and the pleated Trend will be extended, which gives us an elegant and playful Touch.

Trend 5: ruffle dresses

Even more playful, we feel in frilly dresses that should hang in the summer of 2020 in each Cabinet. The Trend is not driven only subtly at the hem or Sleeves, but all over.

Trend 6: Polka Dots

to see last year, small, medium-sized, but also the thickness points were on the catwalks of the Fashion Weeks. Also in this summer to ride with this Look continues on the trend wave. The models come in all colors – the main thing is scored.

Trend 7: floral dresses

Also, a different pattern is found in the Must-haves: The cool Kids wear in the summer of 2020, dresses with flowers. Especially in bright colors, the Trend is a real eye-catcher.