The Russian ruble started the week with steady strengthening. In the course of trading Tuesday, the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange down to the level of 73,5 RUB/$, which is 80 kopecks below the closing value on Friday. However, the optimism was short-lived, and in the middle of the week, the U.S. currency regained most of the lost positions. At the end of trading Wednesday the dollar was 74,58 rubles/$, which is 10 kopecks. above the closing of previous week. The movement of the ruble is determined by the fluctuations in oil prices, the stable growth of which is impeded by the continued growth of stocks of raw materials.

* The consensus forecast was calculated as the arithmetic mean of the forecasts of analitikov the short term, the markets will remain moderately negative astrorivelatore world markets is reflected in the behavior of the Russian currency, which follows the fluctuations in oil prices. Oil prices came under pressure from data showing a continuing growth stocks. This triggered a correction wave, off old market optimism associated with the expectations of gradual lifting of restrictive measures COVID-19. In the short term, markets are likely to remain moderately negative sentiment on the background of nervous expectations the publication of data on employment in the United States in April, which could be the reason for the continued downtrend.Investors are gradually beginning to emerge hope in the upcoming restart of the economies of various strange the moment we can note that in global markets, investors are gradually beginning to emerge hope in the upcoming restart of the economies of different countries. And, as a consequence, the subsequent gradual recovery as consumer demand and business activity in most areas. The latest jump in oil prices due to a gradual lifting of restrictions in several countries as well as the introduction from may 1 of the agreement on transaction OPEC+.. Now we see that the mood of investors continue to gravitate to optimismus Wednesday, the ruble exchange rate is close to levels 74-74,8 RUB./$. On the one hand, the CBR returns to the sales of currencies on the market stabilizing effect of these measures on rouble exchange rate will continue. Also the oil price manages to rise to the levels $30 per barrel, which has a positive effect on the overall conjuncture of the Russian market. The recovery in oil prices means that the volume of currency sales by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will be reduced, which in turn may weaken and support the ruble exchange rate. Now we see that the mood of investors continue to gravitate toward optimism, the appetite to purchase risk are gradually being restored. In these conditions it is expected that in the coming days, the ruble would be formed in the range was 73.8–75.2 per rubles per dollar.