“Now approaching the summer season and in the first stage we wanted to offer to open the summer terraces, in the air, with observance sanitary-epidemiological norms”, – announced an initiative to address the sanitary office of the Vice-President Trading-industrial chamber of Russia Elena Dubova.

According to her, introducing such relief, it is necessary to start not from area food establishments, and the allowed number of seats. That is, to start the work in stages – open the first one-third of seats, then half, then all the rest. In this case, the whole business, even the smallest of coffee shops will begin to rebound, to recover the financial resources after idle.

“I do Not exclude that the approaches that were formulated will be adjusted. In this part do not stop studying the issue. We need to learn and will show these suggestions to colleagues who are engaged in epidemiology,” – commented on the proposal for the opening of summer terraces Mikhail Orlov.

According to Dubovoi, according to the principle of gradual opening of summer terraces logical place to start recovery and in other areas of business. This option is also being considered in the CPS. “The organizational model for the gradual lifting of restrictions was laid. We will have to define the criteria, techniques for the removal of these restrictions. But the subjects of the Russian Federation, governors, heads on the basis of authority, making decisions about what types of activities what kind of companies can start work, under what conditions. This will occur in coordination with our main sanitary doctors of regions of the country,” said Orlov.