The one on Wednesday by the economic and Social research Institute (WSI) shows the Union-affiliated Hans-Böckler-Foundation published Overview. However, the short-time work is increased, therefore, in more and more industries through collective agreements.

the Federal Agency, around 60 percent of the unusual salary for

to pay The short-time work money comes in the Corona-crisis of Central importance. Already now, half a Million companies were reported in short-time work. When short-time working money, the Federal Agency jumps in to work and pays about 60 percent of the failed salary; for employees with at least one child in the household up to 67 percent.

The WSI compared to its inquiry the short-time working schemes in 15 European countries. Germany final is light at the statutory level of performance. In Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway, the short-time working compensated in money, therefore, even up to 100 percent of the wage loss.

In Germany will be increased in the short-time working money, however, in a number of industries. To some extent, by collective agreements are valid for a long time, in some areas, appropriate arrangements in the Corona were taken in a crisis.

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researchers plead for the Austrian model

The researchers criticized that only a minority of the rules of professional animals. “In particular, in the classical low-wage sectors, there is often no collective agreement grants to the state short-time working money,” said Schulten, the Director of the WSI collective bargaining archive, Thorsten, and Torsten Müller of the European trade Union Institute in Brussels. Add to this that in low-wage areas, the coverage rate of collective agreements is usually particularly low.

“Just Employees with a low income may not, however, come at a net income loss of 40 percent of the long ends meet,” warned the researchers. They therefore pleaded for, similar to the one in Austria for the time of the Corona-crisis, short-time working to increase money in General, at least 80 percent. For Workers in low-wage sector, it should be, in your view, even 90 percent.

government now wants to increase short-time working money

criticism, which has now apparently also in the case of the Federal government in Berlin to be heard: On Friday it became known that the Grand coalition in the next few weeks, a new Corona-auxiliary wants to offer for the company and its Employees, to include an increase in the short-time working money. The new state-aid should come from especially low-wage earners benefit. The “Business Insider” reported, citing the Unions and the SPD circles.

Therefore, it was agreed that specially designed for nurses, educators, or Employed in the retail sector, the existing short-time work sufficient money arrangements. The group of Workers the Union wants to pay, according to the report, “Business Insider,” at least on the unusual working hours of the minimum wage. In the SPD, it said, represents an increase in the short-time allowance for Children is 80 percent and for those with child, to 87 percent if you earn less than 3000 euros. Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil is already in talks with the social partners, according to the Federal government.

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