The coronavirus suspected three employees of Kursk NPP

the Coronavirus suspected three employees of Kursk NPP Coronavirus suspected three employees of Kursk NPP
the Administration of Kursk region

a Preliminary positive diagnosis COVID-19 were detected in three employees of the Kursk nuclear power plant, reported the regional operational headquarters.

it is Noted that these results the employees were obtained during routine testing. Obvious signs of disease, neither the employees themselves nor their family members, reports “Interfax”.

Now ill workers of Kursk NPP, all employees and family members exposed to them isolated. All taken tests in the near future expected results.

“the Situation was soon brought under control. We take all required measures to ensure the safety of staff, developed the operational headquarters of Kursk NPP for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection”, – said the Director of the NPP, Vyacheslav Fedyukin.

According to him, the station is “operating normally, though in a situation of alert”. “Kursk nuclear power plant generates electricity in accordance with the control task,” concluded Vyacheslav Fedyukin.

At the Kursk nuclear power plant has taken all necessary measures to protect the health of employees. Personnel use personal protective equipment and hygiene workers have measured temperature, regular disinfection of the premises. A bus carrying staff receive ongoing medical treatment, according to authorities.

Coronavirus in the past day identified 15 residents of the Kursk region, said the regional administration.

“According to the operational headquarters for the prevention of introduction and spread in the region of a new type of coronavirus infection on April 13, in the Kursk region was 58 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. Data on 15 patients were entered today in the region of the reference center of Moscow”, – stated in the message which results RIA “news”.

Three patients was discharged on recovery, 18 people are on treatment in the regional infectious diseases hospital; 36 – no signs of illness, quarantined at home under medical supervision and relevant services. One woman with COVID-19, were in serious condition, died on Sunday due to sudden cardiac arrest.

we would Add that the coronavirus identify workers in other plants. For example, an employee of Beloyarsk NPP in Sverdlovsk region has been hospitalized and was in serious condition. A 65-year-old male who was diagnosed COVID-19, many days had a high temperature. But in the end he recovered and on 11 April he was discharged from the hospital Yekaterinburg, reported on the Facebook page of Beloyarsk NPP on the social network “Vkontakte”.

the world health organization on 11 March announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world recorded almost 1.7 million infections, more than 105 thousand people died. The most regions of Russia imposed a regime of isolation or other constraints to prevent coronavirus.