Despite a significant increase in the quantity of grapes, in 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020 berry observed prices (as in the fresh and dried grapes), according to a review of the Expert-analytical center of agribusiness. Thus, according to Rosstat, in March, the price of grapes rose by 6.5% in comparison with February the year 2020 and by 4.5% in comparison with March of last year.

According to the results 2019 the volume of supply of grapes to the Russian and foreign production on the Russian market reached record highs in 965,5 thousand tons (for all needs: table grapes, for making wine, raisins, etc.), count in the Center. The growth is primarily due to the increase in production of grapes in the country.

So, in 2019 the volume of production of grapes in Russia amounted to 678 thousand tonnes, 8% (50,3 thousand tons) more than in 2018. Over the past ten years, the production increased 2.2 times (371,4 thousand tons). Almost 85% of all industrial fees accounted for three of the region – Krasnodar Krai, Dagestan and the Republic of Crimea.

in 2014, there is a progressive increase in the area of a bookmark of new vineyards. “There is quite a good situation for the vineyards, all the money to support this direction are allocated to the extent necessary. In 2020 will bookmark 4,75 thousand hectares of new vineyards. And given the proposed works for the stubbing of about 2 thousand hectares of the total area of vineyards will increase to 84,9 thousand ha by the end of this year. The production of wine and sparkling wine is expected to reach at least 46 million given”, commented in mid-April, Deputy Minister of agriculture Oksana LUT. Last year Russia increased the area of a bookmark of new vineyards compared to 2018 by 40%, to 7 thousand hectares, and by 2025, cumulatively, this figure can reach to 32.2 thousand hectares, said in early April the Minister of agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev.

At the same time on the Russian counters continue to reach a large number of imported fresh grapes. By the end of 2019, the volume of imports of grapes in Russia amounted to 289,4 thousand tons (in 2018 295,7 kt). Russia last year was the fourth largest buyer of grapes in the world (behind only the United States, the Netherlands and Germany). The share of the Russian Federation accounted for about 6.2% of total world imports of this fruit, it is specified in the Expert-analytical center of agribusiness.