The consumers Union urged to settle the work of volunteers and couriers

“Now all the regions are created by teams of volunteers wishing to participate in any emergency activities and are willing to work, if need be, in the mode of an emergency situation. Literally every day the media published the statements of public organizations, political parties, sport federations, youth centers and businesses willing to provide practical help in the fight against coronavirus”, – told “RG” Vladimir Slepak.

In his opinion, in the circumstances, is self – isolation, wearing masks and gloves – not excluded that there will be more abuses and even crimes, especially against senior citizens: scammers may try to impersonate volunteers or couriers.

Photo: Olesya Nematova How volunteers help with products in isolation

“the State should have a strict order of registration volunteers, ensuring their effective, efficient and correct part, and, of course, personal safety assistance to socially unprotected layers of the population, – said Vladimir Slepak. – Moreover, under the guise of volunteers, and such cases are already available to our seniors and people with disabilities can come in all sorts of crooks.”

in Addition to volunteer activities, today one of the most common professions is the work of a deliveryman of food, medicines and essential commodities. And this activity also needs to be organization.

“Obviously, this activity allows you to redirect labor resources and to give earning opportunities to people who have lost their jobs due to closures of companies. Just yesterday, as a member of the CCRF, I received a letter from Russia’s largest recruitment companies involved in the employment of several thousand dostavioin, with a request to assist in obtaining a work permit in terms of the restrictions, – said Vladimir Slepak. But we are not currently available online solutions on this very important systemic issue, creating Islands of social stability for workers is ready to go to work couriers and for those who are in need of their services.”

In the regions spontaneously figure out how to avoid misunderstandings and abuse in remote trade. For example, for each request sent, mandatory, two people. One takes out a packet transmitted to the shopping list and money, and the other captures it all on video. And then, during delivery, the video recorded purchased goods along with receipt and delivery, which the volunteers or the delivery man passed the package to the apartment. All this is done to ensure that volunteers do not have any claims in the future. Moreover, the necessary list of services are constantly expanding. Today it is a mass request for the disposal of garbage, purchase of medications (often prescription), cleaning and disinfection of apartments.”

According to Vladimir Slepak, you need to quickly resolve the job as volunteers, and couriers. To properly support this work, in his opinion, necessary for each volunteer or employee to guarantee the fulfillment of several conditions:

to be able, necessarily, to undergo regular testing for coronavirus infection.

– Pass a special training course that excludes incorrect actions to provide these services.

Have a mandatory set of individual, certified personal protective equipment.

every day before going to work, undergo a medical examination.

– After doing the work to carry out sanitary – epidemiological processing of clothing and means of delivery.

to Be entered in the unified state register, which must have the possibility to verify with the databases of law enforcement agencies.

Have a special certificate issued by the Executive authority.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti the General Prosecutor’s office demanded to block the new fakes on the coronavirus

“I would also Like to say that the Association of Internet Commerce (AKITA) has complained about the detention of couriers due to quarantine: the police do not give suppliers access to distribution centers and closing the points of issue of orders. In recent days, occurred at least two thousand of such cases”, – said Vladimir Slepak.

“the President in yesterday’s appeal to the Russians said about the special role of volunteers and simply not indifferent people, that is, those citizens, “who realized, felt my personal responsibility in the fight against the epidemic, strictly fulfill the recommendations of the authorities and medical specialists, care about themselves, about their relatives ‘health, the safety of others”. So let’s put things in order in this very important area”, – concluded public figure.