The co-owner of Natura Siberica, Irina Trubnikova, who was also the first wife of the company’s founder, Andrey Trubnikov, who died in January 2021, pointed to the failure of the “raider takeover” of the company. This is stated in her statement, which was distributed by a representative of Trubnikova, RIA Novosti reports.

Trubnikova said that she would not allow the production cycle to stop, which was previously announced by the president of the organization, Sergey Buylov. “It is obvious that these people cannot cope with the management of such a complex company as Natura Siberica. Everyone can see that there is chaos in the company now, caused by wrong decisions and a broken corporate culture, ” the statement says.

In addition, Trubnikova noted that more than a hundred employees left the company in a few weeks. After that, the financing of contractors was stopped. According to her, at the moment, the new management is trying to explain its mistakes by banning the use of trademarks. “I can already say that the raider takeover of the company has completely failed,” she concluded.

Irina Trubnikova decided to unilaterally terminate the contract and prohibit LLC “First Solution” (manufacturer of cosmetics “Recipes of Grandma Agafya” and others) from using these trademarks on August 30, 2021 against the background of a corporate and hereditary conflict. Sergey Buylov assessed Trubnikova’s actions as an attempt to ” block the company, create huge losses from the forced downtime of production and sales and ultimately destroy the business of Natura Siberica.”

Buylov was appointed president of Natura Siberica in August. According to experts, the personnel changes of the last month — the arrival of a new trustee and the appointment of a new top management, indicate that the company is gradually beginning to recover from the death of its creator.

Andrey Trubnikov founded Natura Siberica in 2008, six years after the appearance of the brand “Grandma Agafya”. In 2012, the retail chain of the same name was founded. The company actively exported its products. In January 2021, Trubnikov died in a country house in the Moscow region at the age of 61.