“the CEC of Russia traditionally holds the control for the one-time receipt of ballots”, – said the member of the Commission Anton Lopatin.

He recalled that during the referendum on the Constitution had two opportunities of voting not at the place of residence. It’s already a familiar system of “Mobile voter,” which allows you to add your name to the lists at any convenient site in Russia or abroad, as well as remote electronic voting (deg) in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region.

If people did not vote in accordance with the submitted application, he had the right to return to your site at the place of residence. “For this he came to your site on the day of voting, wrote a statement that he had not voted previously and is familiar with the article on administrative offence in the case of double voting,” explained Anton Lopatin.

Such citizens in the period from 25 June to 1 July, there were more than 23 thousand. All of them will check for a single newsletter. The electoral Commission is mandated to open the lists and compare the data on voting in the plot and the “Mobile voter” or online. “In the case that the lists will show the entry there, it can be concluded that the person was given a ballot paper twice and for us it will be the basis of these materials to send to law enforcement agencies,” said Lopatin.

According to the decision of the Central electoral Commission, such a test will relate to precinct election commissions in Russia and abroad. All of them requested to inform the CEC about the results until July 30, 2020.

According to Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Nikolay bulaeva, during the campaigns of the past years, including the presidential 2018, “was carried out the same procedure of opening the bags with the electoral documentation in order to identify cases of repeated voting”.

“We understand that zone (violations) should be closed, and we constantly come up with new technical solutions. Probably unlikely we will create a situation in which never and no one will have such opportunity, but always emphasize that this possibility appears in person only in one case – when he commits the offense or crime,” said Bulaev. “In this case, we specify whether committed a crime or offence, and be sure to report back how many have been opened cases of double voting,” he added.

He also said it is working with those facts the double voting abroad, which is already identified by the CEC and reported by the participants of the plebiscite. “All we know, the names, surnames, addresses of residence, all this set – and for England, and Israel. All of them will be punished. The relevant documents are transmitted one case to the Investigative Committee, the second – in the interior Ministry. In one case it is a crime in another administrative offense,” – said Nikolay Bulaev.

CEC Member Nikolai Levichev, turning to the fans to test the system for strength and to tickle the nerves themselves and the organizers of the election, he added: “Keep in mind that all the moves are recorded, there is an automated system, which registers and issues”.