The Cabinet praised the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Russia

a Priority of the government now, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin defines combat the spread of coronavirus, and regular working hours the week of the Cabinet on April 13 began with an assessment of the operational situation and issue new documents to help the economy and population.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Popov: In the CPS correctly identify the coronavirus in 98% of cases

the Country is doing everything possible to contain the spread of the virus, said the Chairman of the government of the Presidium of the coordination Council for the fight against the disease. “Contribute citizens who comply with the isolation and all requirements of authorities, and hence are responsible for your own health and the health of others. Different should not be”, – said Mishustin.

highlighted the work of physicians, around the clock fighting for the health and lives of people and volunteers, helping those who are unable to care about themselves. Doctors, who are in direct contact with the infected COVID-19, on behalf of the President, the government has prepared funds for additional payments. From the reserve Fund of the Cabinet of Ministers has allocated and distributed between the regions, ministries and departments of more than 45 billion rubles. “These payments will be those doctors who work in institutions subordinate to Federal Executive authorities, including law enforcement, law enforcement agencies,” – said the Prime Minister at the meeting with his deputies.

Payments to health care workers President ordered to pay in April-June. For doctors, he set their size to 80 thousand roubles, average medical staff – 50 thousand, Jr. – 25 thousand doctors of “ambulance” – 50 thousand, paramedics, nurses and drivers of carriages of “fast” – 25 thousand rubles.

Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti In the UK reported the seizure of fakes about coronavirus in the regions

special attention in all regions is paid to the preparation of beds to accommodate possible patients with coronavirus. Mikhail Mishustin signed the order about transfer to subjects of Federation of hospital beds in Federal hospitals, which determines which medical organizations will help a sick person. In addition, from the reserve Fund the government has allocated 640 million rubles for the equipment of the redesigned seats in medical institutions in the mono-cities and closed administrative-territorial formations. You plan to deploy more than 630 beds.

Such attention to the main problem in any case will not affect the treatment of other patients, the Prime Minister said. “People who suffer from Oncology, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases should continue to receive the qualified treatment. They will be redirected to other hospitals for his illness,” he promised.

the Government will give small and medium enterprises of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus, installments on deferred taxes

a Separate block of the measures directed to economy and business was able to get out of the crisis with minimum losses. The government will give small and medium enterprises of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus, installments on deferred taxes, reported Mishustin about the prepared document. “They do not need to put out one day soon as a six-month reprieve. Will PLatit equal installments during the year after its completion, that is, in some cases almost to the end of 2021”, – he explained. It was also decided to extend the deferral of the payment of insurance premiums to social funds to SMEs, and not just micro-enterprises.

this week the Cabinet of Ministers intends to submit to the President prepared proposals for additional measures to support citizens and businesses.