The Cabinet of Ministers will prepare amendments about credit vacation

Until 20 April, the government together with the Central Bank have to ensure that the amendments providing for the grant by the borrowers (citizens and sole proprietors) the right to appeal to the Bank and to other professional lender with the requirement about change of conditions of the credit agreement (loan agreement). We are talking about the suspension of the commitment period for up to six months, as well as granting individual entrepreneurs the right to appeal with the requirement to reduce the size of the payment.

Photo: iStock Putin ordered to set the tax on income from investment of one million rubles

the Basis for treatment should be the reduction of income of the applicant for the month preceding the date of application, compared with the average monthly income received in the year 2019, 30 percent or more. There will also be a ban for lenders on the application during the suspension of the term of the obligations stipulated by the legislation of the consequences of violation of terms of return.

in addition, the President recommended to the 17th of April the state Duma to provide jointly with the government the adoption of amendments to the law on bankruptcy of the extrajudicial enforcement of bankruptcy of the citizen. We are talking about simplification of procedure of bankruptcy of citizens, lowering the cost and shortening the procedures and also mechanisms increase the availability of bankruptcy proceedings for low-income.