the Bill is expected to be in the tourist market the e-voucher is a special digital mechanism that will track the movements of tourists and the performance of the obligations of tour operators. So it was in the version of the bill, which in the first reading the state Duma has reviewed in may. And for the second reading, scheduled for July 8, there are other rules. The new version of the bill in the public domain, noted the President of the Russian Union of travel industry, Andrey Ignatyev.

For the functioning of the trips has introduced two new payment – one for the electronic ticket, and second – to the guarantee Fund. Payments must be made. “Is offered to every customer who pays a contribution to the new Fund, to grant the right to enter into the state register and operate under the name “Russian tour operator,” said Ignatieff. Here it can access the market the way the fraudsters, he said.

the New system will be an alternative to the existing. Now to enter the market, you need to make a Bank guarantee, Deposit insurance guarantee, form the Foundation of personal responsibility and to contribute money to the reserve Fund. In the reserve Fund already accumulated 421 million rubles, and in all the foundations of personal responsibility – more than 2.3 billion rubles, said the Director of the Association “Turpomosch” Oleksandr Osaulenko.

the Current system has shown its efficiency, it was impossible, according to representatives of the tourism industry. Besides, due payments into the new funds of the Russian tour operators will lose the price competition with foreign. The bill needs work and better to do it after the release of the tourism industry from the crisis, according to its representatives.