So today’s we are discussing when using a law firm for your car accident case is always advised after a car accident and what situations you need services of law firm and in what scenarios you can avoid it and just work with the insurance company directly. It’s a good question there are cases that it may make sense to represent yourself. There is a lot of things though that you want to look at. Before you make that decision and so, I’ve kind of laid out some of these factors that I think people who are considering representing themselves should look at and if they apply to them, they may want to move forward in a network way. So, one of the things that first a law firm for car accidents would look at is:-

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Car accident cases that you may represent yourself

So, if we’re talking about an auto accident, something simple and very easy to explain, and it does not have a lot of parties involved. That’s a case that you may be able to represent yourself.

Cases where you must hire a law firm for your car accident

In cases that are difficult to represent by yourself in the medical field, you do not want to proceed further by yourself in a medical kind of case. A lot of times experts are needed. There is a lot of complicated law that gets involved in that kind of thing. Any kind of case that’s saying a wrongful death, very serious injuries and we’ll discuss that. You know things that are probably a little bit common sense but if it’s a simple auto accident, that’s a type of case that you may be able to represent yourself.

The complication in cases where hiring a law firm for car accidents is advised

Severeness of Injuries

How severe the injuries and so if we have a case that has what we call broken bone as opposed to soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, head trauma, severe burns. Anything that required hospitalization and surgery. Those kinds of cases you would not want to probably represent yourself but if you’re facing whiplash, little back pain something that doesn’t require a lot of medical expenses, in these types of cases presenting yourself is a good idea.

You always have to keep in mind these insurance companies want to minimize the amount that they payout for your claim. There’s a lot of good justice out there and some of them are honest but there’s a lot of adjusters that want to minimize the amount that they’re paying out so that they can save the money for whom they are working for. Their boss’s, boss’s, boss money building, you know these are big corporations that they have a bottom line and so that are what they’re looking out for. You’re looking out for your own interests and sometimes cutting out the attorney’s pieces is something that you want to consider.

  • Medical Expense

The final thing is what are the medical expenses and we kind of talked about that with the severity of the injuries. If you have a hospital visit, that visit alone typically is well over a thousand dollars and sometimes is up to 20,000 30,000 hundred thousand dollars in beyond. Obviously, if you have a hospital visit, it’s thousands of dollars that lien alone may warrant having an attorney get involved to see if we can reduce those bills. There’s health insurance that gets involved, the hospital has a right to try to come back to you and say after your settlement yeah we got it we received some money in form of compensation from your health insurance but we know you also have an injury settlement.

That’s something that you’re going to want to look at, Because that’s a lien issue and that can get very complicated from every state there’s different laws and your attorney could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars literally in a big case or something more practical a couple of thousand dollars more in your pocket after you have paid off your attorney and the liens were taking care of the property. You also can then feel rest assured that your attorney is looked at every possible provider and make sure that there’s no outstanding lien so that after you settle your case. One of these doctors isn’t going to come forward to you and say look I still need to be paid and here you thought that they were taken care of. 


If you’re representing yourself as your own lawyer. If you make any single mistake it will cost you and your case. You may lose a lot of money and you can’t go back and say, hey now I want an attorney to look at this to review it. There are very few instances that you’re going to be able to do that. So, it’s kind of high risk and so you want to make sure you’re doing it in the correct way. Almost every lawyer will sit down and at least talk to you about your case, give you the factors you need to consider. There are cases that lawyers talk to clients give them all the information they need and up representing themselves, some of them come back and they had problems representing themselves. I’m happy to look at it and it could pick up where they were but it’s a free consultation it’s something that you should take advantage of and it may save you a lot of money. So, with that, I think you got your answer that why using a law firm for your car accident case is always advised.