The good drops at the end of a long day is not only for the soul a treat, but acts in masses from drinking, even a positive effect on the health. Red wine has some health promoting properties, if you overdo it with him.

How much is good?

A positive effect is only hope, if not too much is drunk. In the healthy range, you will move, if you as a middle-aged woman not more than 20 grams of alcohol – that is to say 0.15 of a litre of wine a day and as a man, not more than 30 grams, i.e., 0.25 liters of wine.

white wine, Rosé or red wine?

According to diet medical studies alcohol increases the “good” HDL cholesterol in the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots. It doesn’t matter what type of wine you prefer.

red wine can be used more

red wine contains a much higher content of bioactive substances and vitamins A, B1 , B2, C, and D. antioxidants that slow down cell aging, especially in the skin of the grape which in the production of red wine. White wine is made without skin. In the production of rosé wine, the grapes are tied to the same long to the skin, such as in the case of red wine production. During storage of the wine in a decrease in the vitamins, which is however slowed down by the acidity in the wine.

A glass of wine for the figure

Before sleeping, a glass of wine and go to drink, can actually help you lose weight. These studies were conducted at Washington State University and Harvard University say. The evening enjoyment of a glass of wine, in particular, can contribute to the night-time Demand arises for food. Late-night meals do not increase the risk of an increase in weight, as the bowel over night works equally well as during the day. Wine also contains the digestive substance Resveratrol, a substance that has a positive effect on the composition of blood lipids and prevents fat cells grow.

look Younger by wine

wine to drink, and to smooth wrinkles? Sounds like a true dream! The grapes contained Resveratrol is also a powerful antioxidant. With the help of the skin aging to combat and reduce wrinkles. You drink red wine so a daily glass, you can have your wrinkle cream in the Cabinet.

wine against dental caries

According to the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” published a study of the regular handle can prevent to a glass of red wine, that dangerous bacteria from spreading in the mouth. Because red wine kills the bacteria. Bacteria can cause dental problems, including tooth decay.

Good for the heart and circulatory system

The daily glass of wine improves circulation and reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease – by as much as 25 percent compared to a Abstinenzlers. Especially reducing the risk of a heart attack. Moderate wine consumption has a positive effect on the composition of the fats in the blood and helps the removal of harmful LDL-cholesterol, and expanded with the addition of the arteries. In addition, the risk is reduced to thrombosis, because the alcohol in the wine enhances the blood flow and the clotting of the blood.

How many calories in wine

Drink you like wine? Red wine protects the heart and preserves seizures before. The daily glass of alcohol is really healthy and how many calories are in a bottle?

This happens after a month without alcohol

After the holiday feasts, thousands take on the challenge to spend the first month in the new year sober. However, it brings anything at all to do without for such a short time on alcohol?

drinking culture has consequences for the health

Nowhere in the world is drunk so much alcohol as in Europe. This is the alarming result of experts concerned with diseases of the digestive organs. Few people know that with the consumption of alcohol, the risk for cancers of the digestive tract increases.