Experts Mospeada saw Bobrow the day.

beaver is a crepuscular and nocturnal animal, so to see him the day is not easy. Recently, however, in the floodplain of the Setun was spotted a family of beavers. Despite the fact that he is a very cautious animal, experts managed to consider the beavers close and shoot a short video. Perhaps the day is because during the restrictions of the reserve had fewer visitors.

Beavers tend to settle in a small deep ponds with clean water. They love grassy plants (lilies, irises, cattail, reed), it is with great pleasure gnaw the bark and young branches of aspen, willow, birch, poplar. When the trees on the banks of the river is almost gone, the rodents are digging into the depths of the forest these channels and try to keep them in order, avoiding waste. On clean channels it is easier to fuse wood food that beavers have stored for the winter.

the spring born beavers, which in a day or two can swim, and after three weeks of eating vegetarian food. Although the beaver family per night can turn a grown tree to a stump to consider them a problem for natural areas is incorrect. Beavers are animals that exhibit an environment-forming activity,and play an important role in creating a favorable ecological environment, maintain the water level in the rivers, contributing to the development of floodplain meadows, create a living environment of birds, fish, insects.

beavers live in printnamechange “Valley of the river Setun”. The same family of beavers lives in the territory prirodno-historical Park “Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo”, within the boundaries of the natural monument “the Valley of the river Khimki”. Experts Mospeada note that the dwelling on natural areas the beavers indicates a favorable environment.