The Bank of Russia until the end of the year will reduce the banking market by 10%

In a research report National credit ratings, it is reported that in 2020 the Bank of Russia may revoke the license of 25-30 credit institutions, leaving the market with about 400 banks by year-end.

In this regard, the number of banks in Russia may be reduced for the year by 10%. Experts believe that this is due to the trend from the market unstable players, reports TASS.

With the beginning of the year have already been revoked three licenses — Moscow “Neklis-Bank” and “PFS-Bank” Saratov NBCBank.

the Bank of Russia began the withdrawal of licenses from unscrupulous banks in 2013. During this time the market has left almost half of the banks in the country – more than 400, more than 30 have been sanitized. For 2019 has been withdrawn or revoked the licenses of 31 Bank.