On the 20. April it starts: 22 men fight for the heart of the new Bachelorette Chanelle Wyrsch (23). 3+ makes a big secret to the candidates. But VIEW knows the first three roses-contenders.

Mike made love to other women,

One of them has already Trash-TV-experience: Mike (32) is in the German secret love-to see the Show “Temptation Island”. Apparently, he has not found there, but the love of his life. If it now sparks with the Bachelorette? When asked why he deserved the last Rose, with this Mike is self-aware: “I would be the best Partner.”

Of his dream wife, the German exactly ideas. “Visually, a nice top, I like long hair. In addition, I like it, if it has at least one Tattoo,” he explains. Of his own Tattoos, he is thrilled, however, less. In German TV he told recently to let the lettering at the neck and on the fingers weglasern.

The oldest candidate

The 43-Year-old Christian, the same age as the father of Bachelorette Chanelle Wyrsch. The but he also sees it as an advantage. “I deserve the last Rose, because adeptness is defeated by a youngster,” he says. For four and a half years, he is Single. The more serious he wants to take the TV show now. “Sex on the rotary is not an issue, even when the cameras are turned off. I’ll probably go less far than others.”

Hobby-Model will seems to be no TV-Sex

Marco (32) to be Chanelle Wyrsch, who also works in the nursery of her father, a 6 the lottery. The Austrian hobby model looking for a woman that loves the outdoors just like him. In addition, he stresses: “I’m on a beautiful Smile.” Should fly in the rotation, then the spark, he has no Problem with that, to come to the Bachelorette closer. “If I feel something just at the Moment, are kissing in front of the camera is not a Problem for me,” says Marco. But further he would not go.

Who are the remaining 19 candidates from 20. April to the heart of the Bachelorette fight, is not yet known. 3+ will communicate this in the next few days.

Chanelle Wyrsch

The 23-year-old Chanelle Wyrsch was as “American idol”candidate in 2017 been known. She took the sixth place. Headlines but made with something else: After a long speculation, what’s going on between you and a competitor Alexander Johnson, the two made their love public. Finally, they were not together on the musical stage, before the love went into the breaks.

The Swiss citizen with Algerian roots was originally training until she devoted her life to music. In addition to her appearances as a singer and a musical actress Chanelle is working today very down-to-earth as a landscape gardener in the operation of the father.

what is Clear, however: A new man at Chanelles side, 1.78 meters big Zugerin not alone. The new Bachelorette is proud Hundemami of the Chihuahua “Coco”.