The author of the play

the author of the play the author of the play “the Pokrovskie gate” Leonid Zorin died at the age of 95 years.
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In Moscow, at the age of 95 years died on the Russian playwright Leonid Zorin, known as the author of the plays “the Pokrovskie gate” and “Royal hunt”. “He died last night from heart failure. Husband for a long time and was seriously ill,” – said the widow of the playwright Tatiana TASS.

the date and Place of burial is unknown. “This is a great loss for the culture, our theatre, our literature,” – said General Director of “Mosfilm”, film Director Karen Shakhnazarov.

“Zorin was an outstanding novelist. Anyway, his story “Alex” and the play “Lost the plot” is, I think, the most poignant and tragic love story. He was a great master so to build the dialogue as Zorin, very few people know how. And each his tale – and he published in the “banner” at two novels a year, after 90 years, confirmed that his manner, his rhythmic prose, his wonderful charm, it all came back,” said RBC writer Dmitry Bykov.

Leonid Zorin (real name – Salzmann) was born 3 Nov 1924 in Baku, in the family servant. In his childhood he began to write poetry, his first collection came out in 1934. About the poems was praised by Maxim Gorky. Playwright graduated with honors from philological faculty of Azerbaijan state University named after Kirov (now – Baku state University), and in 1947 – the correspondence Department of the Literary Institute named after Gorky. Since 1948, lived in Moscow.

Leonid Zorin has written several dozen plays, among them “Moscow time” “Friends and years”, “Encyclopedist”, “Decembrists”, “Warsaw melody”, “the Pokrovskie gate”, “Royal hunt”, “Carnival”. From the end 1970-x of years he wrote the novels “Old manuscript”, “the wanderer”, “the day” and the novel “Main theme”. He also participated in the work on the scripts of several films, among them “nowhere Man” by Eldar Ryazanov, Pokrovskiye Vorota Mikhail Kozakov, “Royal hunt” Vitaly Melnikova, “Good souls” by Karen Shakhnazarov.

Leonid Zorin was awarded the order “badge of Honor” (1974) and people’s Friendship (1986), was the winner of the winner “the Big book” (2009), awards of “Literary newspaper” (1975, 1982), the magazines “Crocodile” (1983) and “Znamya” (2001).