a Few years ago it became known about the new scheme, which is used for illegal transactions: the legalization of dark funds, the withdrawal of funds abroad, etc. Some of the newly created firm opens a Bank account out of nowhere begins to receive funds. Then the firm has officially filed a lawsuit, alleged she paid some kind of loan or something of that kind. The firm denies claims, stoically accepts defeat in the court and then pay in the lawsuit. Therefore, money judgments can be bred and abroad, and legally.

these schemes are identified and actively suppressed by the relevant authorities. When in the course of the trial there is a suspicion that it was about a kind of “match fixing”, the case involved the Federal financial monitoring service. As reported last year “in order to minimize the risk of using the court system for cash and withdrawal of money abroad at the feigned reason the Federal financial monitoring service were involved in the process as a third party almost 4 thousand times. The total amount of claims considered by the service amounted to more than 150 billion rubles. Based on our findings and made decisions on refusal in the claim for a total amount of about 38 billion rubles.”

in Other words, suspicions are not always true, but to dismiss them, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate. Sometimes it happens that fake action has not been able to expose immediately. Then a writ directed to the bailiffs, but can be charged directly to the Bank. The Ministry of justice proposes to block a court decision such rulings. “The bill proposes to provide for the suspension of the execution of the Executive document on the basis of a court ruling on the results of the application of the state body for the protection of public interests in order to avoid abuses on the part of claimants, with such Executive documents,” said the Agency.