Supporting The student who thought that the coronacrisis of the inevitable, upcoming exams, some from a distance might have in mind for it. The universities and colleges of higher education have, in the meantime, not been idle, and have a high-performance system is rolled out to the digital-to-test. So have to bite the students of law from the University of Hasselt this week in the leading position.

“The final examinations will be held for all 800 students in the university college: – 1st bachelor’s degree to a 2nd master year”, explains professor dr. Elly Van de Velde, who is responsible for the organization of the test, however. “The city is known for several training works as the only european university with the problem-based learning concept. This reflects our year over the 4 quartiles running a half in 2 splits, eds.). Also referred to as the ” ten-week-old system. This means that with every new study, new courses, and the study concludes with examinations of the last courses. On Monday, the 16th of march, about 2 / 3 of the education institutions of the 3rd quarter is behind us, people are switching over to digital education, and it is all in the same week and decided to take the exams in the 3rd quarter, in a different form, namely in a digital format, to allow them to continue. The examenweek now is the time.”

Reduce delay

we thought that our students might like to have their this would complete, and then, after the easter break on the new rechtsvakken to be able to focus, we have developed a digital examenkans was created in april”, the Judge continued. “It’s not a requirement. Our students are given the choice to either now, in april, or in June, inhaalexamen to be done. We can see that the vast majority of students do choose to take the examination to explain, and that makes us very happy, because there is less delay in progress can be sustained.”