Recall that the Doctrine adopted by President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the beginning of this year. Today at the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Chairman of the government Mikhail Mishustin reported on the approval of the plan of measures on realization of the Doctrine.

According to Victoria Abramchenko, the action plan, in particular, provides support for the development and implementation of new competitive machinery and equipment. This will ensure high-quality collection, storage, processing and realization of agricultural raw materials and food, to expand the range of products and manufacturing products with high added value.

Also in the “road map” laid down measures to stimulate scientific research in agriculture, the development of domestic and foreign advanced technology in agriculture, the improvement of training technologies.

Vice Prime Minister reminded that Russia is self-sufficient in most foodstuffs – grain, vegetable oil, meat, fish and other products.

“a Challenge to our agriculture is indicators for those types of products that appeared in the new version of the Doctrine. So, the supply of vegetables and melons need to be 90%, fruits and berries – 60%, seeds of the main agricultural crops of native selection is at 75%. Therefore, special attention in step-by-step action plan given to the development of technologies and their implementation in agriculture”, – said Victoria Abramchenko.

In her words, to expand sales of agricultural products, the plan envisages changes to the law relating to wholesale and retail markets, fairs, as well as the development of exchange trade of food products in the sphere of wholesale and retail markets and fairs, as well as the development of exchange trade in food products. Much attention in the road map given to issues in respect of modified organisms used for the production of forages and veterinary preparations, as well as reduce the level of dependence of the domestic market from foreign genetic and breeding material.