Tesla intend to pile foundations, which were not included in the request by December 2019, for the approval for the construction of a Tesla factory, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of the environment, Frauke tent, on Wednesday in Potsdam. The company have asked to make the request for early approval for the construction of the Foundation in March for the time being dormant, and amended documents to be submitted. So, Tesla has met the demands of authorities.

environmental approval is pending

in order for the electric car manufacturer wants to be connected according to the spokesperson of the planning details about the water consumption change. In the Region there are fears that the drinking water supply is at risk because of Tesla. The company had announced to plan with a lower consumption. The full environmental permit for the construction of the first European factory is still out, but Tesla has cleared at your own risk already a part of the area and the ground planes. Tesla wants to build in grünheide near Berlin in the summer of next year to around 500 000 electric cars per year.

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