Tesla’s engineers have not implemented in the development of the Model Y simply the predetermined specifications, but also the criticism of the previous models, accepted, and appropriate improvements implemented. What models of other brands, just the upper class, to the Standard, presents for the young brand, Tesla is a significant improvement and shows that the latest model has, apparently, also in the often-criticized processing Details.

the Tesla Model Y could be success for granted model of the brand

The YouTuber and experienced Tesla car Tesla Raj has taken the time to present some Details on the Model Y, which should not be certainly known to everyone:

  • Magnetic sun shades

    In the previous Tesla models, the sun deposits dazzle about a Clip System in your holding ‘clicked’. So you know it is certainly from the majority of cars, whether electric or not. In the Model Y magnets of help here: The sun visors are simple via built-in magnets in Position. With this System, the sun protection is not only easier to adjust, but also prevent in case of frequent use, the plastic cancel mounts. Tesla Tesla Model Y: range of 500 kilometers from the U.S. environmental protection Agency confirmed

  • Improved door seals

    One of the things that make a Mercedes, BMW or Audi from the upper class, distinctive, is really extremely well-damped sound of the Slamming of the car door. It just sounds different than a small city car, the entry-level class: The Sound is full, rich, and conveys a sense of comfort. This is exactly what “acoustic Design” of the doors, Tesla has the Model Y is also a lot of value. The seals are compared to the Model 3 to be thicker, more voluminous, and less flexible. TESLA Trick in the Tesla Configurator: So you come faster to your Model Y

  • ventilation slots in the trunk

    On both sides of the Luggage compartment is relatively well-hidden ventilation are slots. In the vents on the driver’s side is a tab that you can open the cover of the charging socket manually, if this time should terminals can be found. On the passenger side vents the Subwoofer behind the ventilation. Thanks to the slots can spread the Vibration of the bass better. It was the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla on the Autobahn-Test FOCUS Online Driving here is the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla on the Autobahn-Test

  • storage space under the Seats

    Both the driver’s and front passenger’s seat in the Model Y relatively a lot of space under the Seats. This could, in principle, be used as storage space. In his Video Tesla Raj even mentioned the possibility of a kind of drawer under the Seats to incorporate the sufficient talent provided. Just who has children, could store a lot of important “companion” for longer trips: books, Tablet, games or other entertainment media. The storage space under the Seats is about 13 cm high, 35 cm wide and 18 cm deep. Tesla’s New sales record: Tesla will deliver the Model Y by the end of March

  • the seal under the hood

    Under the hood of a Tesla is not a Motor but a further, if smaller, the trunk is hidden, of course. Even with older Tesla models, there was still some storage space. However, the lack of seals under the hood that stored items were not always stored hundred percent safe and unnecessarily strong and could slip from side to side. The Model is Y Tesla is now building a large seal under the hood to prevent this. The storage space is still the same, since the seal extends into this. At least is created a safer environment for all in this storage space mounted items. All of the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test, FOCUS Online/Wochit All the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test

  • warnlaut speaker for pedestrians

    In the United States adopted the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2019, a law, according to the electric vehicles that drive slower than 30 km/h, a noise to make the pedestrians in front of the otherwise very quiet vehicles, warning. This produced Model 3 were all equipped with a corresponding loudspeakers. The Model Y has such speakers in the sub-floor. So far, the function of the actual noise output has not been implemented yet, but the regulation, the NHTSA also occurs only in September of this year. Until then, Tesla will be able to function, probably via an Update to deploy.

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