That frigates of this type will be the main warships of all our fleets. Currently build two frigates – “Admiral Gorshkov” and “Admiral Kasatonov”. Construction of another four, and two – “Admiral amelko” and “Admiral Chichagov” – is built in a modernized version. On Monday, the laying of two frigates – “Admiral Yumashev” and “Admiral Spiridonov”.

the Ships of project 22350 – one of the most modern among its global counterparts.

the shape of the hull lines and a sharp bow provide ships of this project is good seaworthiness. Also applied to the stabilizers of the new design. This made it possible to use all types of weapons and equipment at sea state up to 5 points.

the design features include the extensive use of composite structural materials in the superstructure of the ship.

This resulted in a decrease in the level of the secondary radar field of the ship by absorption and scattering of radio waves. Physical field frigates minimized. The architecture of the add-ins made on technology stealth “stealth”. All this has led to a significant reduction in the radar and optical visibility of the frigates.

the Frigates carry a set of weapons, consisting of rocket, artillery, radio, and other types of weapons.

Vertical launchers can be used to apply universal missiles “Caliber-NK” and advanced hypersonic “Zircons”. On the “Admiral of the fleet Kasatonov” – 16 launchers. The upgraded project their number increased to 24. All missile silos have good structural protection.

the Artillery armament of the ship is a 130-mm automatic gun mount A-192M. Nomenclature of ammunition allows it to affect the coastal, marine and air targets.

Anti-submarine armament of the frigate consists of two at the Board placed in the middle part of the superstructure chetvertnykh launchers complex anti-submarine defense and torpedo protection “Package-NK”. It is worth noting that this is one of the world’s best anti-torpedo of the Park district.

Air defense provides the latest anti-aircraft missile complex “Redoubt” located in the forward part of the hull. Ammo has 32 anti-aircraft guided missiles, medium-range and long range – with a range of up to 150 km In case of need in the missile cell can accommodate 128 guided short-range missiles – range to 15 km and Also provides for simultaneous placement in universal launchers with different missiles to create a layered defense.

the Frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” will be the decorationeat the naval parade, and then enhance the combat strength of the Northern fleet, where he will go in service shortly after the end of the festive event.