Boris Becker has been in prison in Great Britain for a few weeks. He was convicted of bankruptcy filing. As the magazine “Bunte” reports, the fallen tennis star is already making a lot of money behind bars.

Boris Becker is probably experiencing the worst time in his life. A few weeks ago, the former tennis ace was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a London court for delaying bankruptcy. A heavy blow for the father of four, as an insider reported to “Bunte”: “He was very, very bad at first.” In the meantime, however, Boris is said to have collected himself again and is even making plans for the time after the prison sentence.

Accordingly, his stay in prison could even be financially worthwhile for the 54-year-old. For example, according to the source, a British TV station is planning a documentary about Boris’ time in prison. The former professional athlete is said to get the equivalent of around 590,000 euros for this. In addition, Boris has apparently been working on another documentary for several years, which is to be completed after his release from prison. In addition to film offers, there should also be interest in a book project by the famous inmate. According to the insider, Boris is already working on the first drafts for his prison memoir.

Boris Becker and his life in prison are one of the big topics of the past few weeks. His German media lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser clears up numerous rumors in an interview and reveals how the tennis legend in Wandsworth is really doing.

Boris Becker is said to have been transferred to another, much more pleasant prison wing. A previous report said the former tennis star suffered from claustrophobia in his cell.

Tennis legend Boris Becker wants to be relocated to Germany before Christmas. Instead of spending his sentence in Wandsworth Prison, he is hoping for a suspended sentence in his home country. An insider reveals: He is sure that it will work.