Telegram, Facebook and Twitter companies face fines totaling 72 million rubles for refusing to remove prohibited content. The court session will be held in the 422 Magistrate’s Court district of the Tagansky district on September 14. The court will consider the relevant protocols on an administrative offense.

The court received two protocols regarding Telegram, drawn up under Part 4 of Article 13.41. of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (“Non-deletion by the owner of an information resource in the information and telecommunications network “Internet” of information, if the obligation to delete such information, the Internet page is provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation on information, information technologies and information protection”).

The maximum penalty for this offense is a fine of up to 8 million rubles. Five protocols on a similar article were received in relation to Facebook. Two more protocols under this article were received in relation to Telegram. Meetings for all three companies will be held on the same day.

“Thus, taking into account all the protocols received by the court, Facebook faces a fine of 40 million rubles, Twitter-16 million, Telegram – also 16 million rubles, ” a source told TASS in court.

IT companies are brought to administrative responsibility for the fact that they refused to delete information with calls for minors to participate in unauthorized protest actions in the Russian Federation.

In total, this year, Facebook alone received 49 million rubles in court fines in Russia.

Earlier, the Tagansky District Magistrate’s Court of Moscow fined WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook millions of rubles for refusing to localize the data of Russian users in the country.