“insurance companies do not cover pandemics in the normal case”, – stated in a communication from the General Association of the German insurance industry. This is true for stationary industrial production, as well as for cancelled events. This is the main reason why the state then has to fill in as a helper for troubled companies.

it is Particularly hard on Hotels, restaurants, cinemas as well as small businesses and self-employed persons who work as service providers for large industries – for example, a personal trainer, or project Manager are made currently. Currently the guests and lack of new orders – and against both of which there is no insurance.

policies that attack only in the case of damage to property

Both factories as well as large-scale events are not insured, but if a Virus is causing the downtime or the cancellation of the event. “Idle factories, and other operation – and-chain interruptions in Delivery due to the Covid-19-outbreak is not covered on classical property insurance policies, there is no tangible harm as a trigger”, says AGCS, the industrial insurer of Allianz.

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In case of failure events, according to AGCS in many policies Cancellations due to communicable diseases, plagues or epidemics, even explicitly excluded. The company is not such as other insurers, to individual contracts with customers, but only for industry-standard contract design.

experts saw pandemics, most recently as a low risk for company

The AGCS publishes annually a risk barometer to ask the experts in several dozen countries, according to their assessment of the greatest dangers for companies. Pandemics used to rank in the last issue only on place 17. Talanx 30,96 EUR +0,90 (+2,99%) Xetra

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course data

The insurance group Talanx, in turn, holds in spite of the Coronavirus-crisis at its profit target for 2020. The goal of an Excess of 900 to 950 million Euro under the condition that the large losses remained in line with expectations and “at the monetary and capital markets even greater disruptions than currently by the Coronavirus,” said the company, with brands like HDI and New life on Monday in the case of the balance sheet template in Hannover. Analysts had on average the last year of well over a billion euros.

Talanx pays even more dividends than last year

shareholders will receive, thanks to the profit jump in the past year, a dividend of 1.50 Euro, five cents more than in the previous year. Analysts had however expected a little more. As already known, the SDax-listed insurer, its profit in 2019, thanks in part to a record profit for its majority equity stake in Hannover re by 31 percent to 923 million euros, and thus reached the highest value in the company’s history.

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