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Modern poetry is so versatile and vast that sometimes dazzled by the abundance of names and poems that I write today, it seems, everything. The benefit of the missing, and the notorious coronavirus them became even more. How to compose in quarantine days, and it is blessed solitude? The correspondent of "MK" asked c these questions to a young poet Boris Kutenkov, which is not only a wonderful author and editor, but also inspiration and one of the founders of the anthology, dedicated to deceased poets.
The court sent under house arrest former Vice mayor of Voronezh Alexey Intelectiva. He is suspected of receiving a bribe of 1.5 million rubles. The former official admitted receiving half of this amount
As reported a press-service of traffic police of Russia on Tuesday evening in Voronezh accident involving a passenger bus and a passenger car, which resulted in the injury of varying severity, six people received
The American Boeing company buys one of the devices for spacecraft Cockpit in Russia

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