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A member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov has responded on his Twitter to an article in the Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post, in which the authors presented the view that after the end of the pandemic in the fashion industry, China, USA and Russia will reform the world order
The proposal of the Ministry of education to reduce or cancel the charge for the hostel on the background of the pandemic coronavirus reasonable, consider in the Federation Council. The Federation Council also suggested that the Deposit payment to move in next year
The Federation Council approved a law that provides for reduction of up to 15% of insurance contributions to social funds with the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses. Reduced rates will apply from 1 April 2020
On Tuesday, the state Duma and the Federation Council quickly passed a package of laws aimed at the fulfillment of the President's initiatives to support citizens and the economy against the background of the spread of coronavirus. What has changed, says "RG"
The Federation Council is ready to promptly consider legislative initiatives on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation and to convene an extraordinary meeting. This was stated by the Chairman of the house Valentina Matvienko
Moscow and Caracas will remain strong partners even after leaving the country state-owned "Rosneft". This was stated by Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev. According to him, unilateral U.S. economic sanctions against Venezuela's illegal and inhumane
Vladimir Putin made a televised address, in which he proposed to postpone the voting on the amendments to the Constitution at a later date because of the situation with coronavirus. In the Federation Council, told how will be assigned a new date
The government can set maximum allowable retail prices for drugs that are not included in the list of essential drugs. The Federation Council approved the bill on the right of the Cabinet to fix the prices of drugs with the threat of the epidemic
The number of contract servicemen in the Russian army increased more than two times since 2012 and made up 405,1 thousand people. This was announced by Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the plenary session of the Federation Council
Washington announced a policy of visa restrictions in response to the ICC decision to launch an investigation into the crimes of the us military in Afghanistan. The United States build international order is not on law but on their rules, I'm sure the Senator Konstantin Kosachev
The possibility of telemedicine need to be expanded so that doctors during epidemics could remotely not only to advise patients and to make diagnoses and give recommendations, according to Russian parliamentarians
Criminal liability may be introduced in Russia for false information on the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas
The combination of remote and office mode need to legislate. Told "RG" the Senator Valery Ryazansky. "The last call associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, showed us that such a regime should be," he said
In the current crisis, caused by a coronavirus, there is a need for a global agreement on immediate and total abolition of all economic sanctions, introduced in addition to the UN security Council. This was stated by Senator Konstantin Kosachev
The Federation Council has forbidden its members to travel outside of Russia and canceled the participation of senators in meetings with foreign colleagues.
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation law on the amendment of the Constitution.
President Vladimir Putin on Saturday sent to the constitutional court of the Russian Federation the law on amendments to the Constitution of Russia.
On Friday held an operative meeting of the President with the permanent members of the security Council of the Russian Federation. We discussed three main topics: arrangements with Turkey in Idlib, the situation on the world markets and the threat of the spread of coronavirus
The Federation Council on March 14 in summarizing the results of voting in regional legislative Assembly on amendments to the Constitution. Already received 63 reviews. "The law approved by all the regions presented their position", - said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko
The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko is confident that Belarus is prepared to continue and expand contacts with Russia. And all disputes will be resolved in due course with the interest
The Federation Council can complete the procedure of adoption of the bill on amendments to the Constitution on March 14, said Valentina Matvienko. "Now everything will depend on the state Duma deputies, how quickly they will accept the third reading and sent to the Federation Council", - she specified
Reached today by the presidents of Russia and Turkey new agreement of Idlib, though not guarantee the absence of new crises, but are cause for optimism. This was stated by Senator Konstantin Kosachev
Valentina Matvienko supported the initiative of the Belarusian organizers of the forum of regions of the two countries to devote to his historical legacy of the great Victory. The event will be held this autumn in Minsk and Minsk region
Russian parliamentarians are ready to take part in monitoring elections of the President of Belarus, said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko at the meeting with the Chairman of the Council of the Republic National Assembly of Belarus Natalia Kochanova
Valentina Matviyenko urged the media to create a healthy content and leave the advertising of harmful products. She also stressed that Prime-time television "in fact, no social advertising"
The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko considers that workers of culture, sport and social sphere of the village in need of support through Federal government programs. She also expressed the hope that in rural areas the turnout in the voting on April 22 will be extremely high
Russia hopes that Iran's position will help to maintain a multilateral agreement on Iran's nuclear program. This was stated by Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev
The legislation which regulates the process of gasification of settlements, it is necessary to change, I'm sure the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko. It considers unacceptable the situation when the level of gas in the country is only 70 percent
The final version of the draft strategy of development of the Arctic zone of Russia until 2035 can be submitted for consideration in March. Now the document is on the coordination in the regions. While in GD is a package of bills aimed at the state support of business
March 2 deadline for submitting amendments to the Constitution. It was postponed already twice, but no more delays are planned. On the contrary, all other procedures will be very fast, and already on March 18, the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin, sources say "MK" in the working group, will sign the relevant law. Such haste is necessary not only for the beautiful date. The hardest task will be to organize the vote and to ensure that people come to the sites.
The Turkish authorities should promptly investigate the attack on the staff of Sputnik in Ankara and to ensure the safety of all missions of the Russian Federation. This was stated by Senator Konstantin Kosachev
Only further examination of the body of the first deceased to China from the coronavirus person can give a more detailed picture of the causes of his death. This was stated by member of the Federation Council Committee on social policy, honored doctor of the Russian Federation Tatiana Kusano
On Wednesday, April 22, appointed to the all-Russian vote on the amendments to the Constitution. This day paid weekends. Employers must pay employees that day, as if they were at work. However, experts warn that private sector companies can bypass prescription and to call the workers to the offices and production.
With the new academic year primary school pupils will begin to get hot meals at the expense of the budget. The law, approved by the Federation Council, also establishes requirements for the quality and safety of products for children and introduces the concept of "healthy eating"
The use of Nazi crosses and other paraphernalia of the Third Reich in the works of art, literature and science will remain punishable only if there are signs of propaganda or justification of the Nazi and extremist ideology. Such amendments to the administrative code approved by the Federation Council
The Federation Council at plenary session on Wednesday passed the order of consideration of the presidential bill on amendments to the Constitution. The adopted procedure will be used only for this document because of the nature of this law
The Federation Council approved a law that introduces a new honorary title of "City of labor valor" for those settlements whose inhabitants are with their work has made a significant contribution to the Victory in the great Patriotic war
The web was much discussion correspondence conflict suddenly erupted between the Chairman of the "Union of pensioners of Russia", a member of the Council of Federation Valery Ryazansky and TV presenter, actor Leonid Yakubovich. It all started with the fact that the latter is told that his pension is 23 000 rubles, and ironically suggested the same salary as the Minister of labour of the Russian Federation.
The RF code on administrative offences can be part of the article providing for punishment for failure to take measures against quarantine weeds. This was reported by a member of the Federation Council Irina Rukavishnikova
The reason for the difficulties in relations between Russia and Ukraine are external factors, we need to stop supporting "party of war" in Kiev, and the conflict itself will cease. This was stated by Senator Konstantin Kosachev
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Elena Bibikova spoke about the situations in which the person's pension may be less. This happens, for example, if it turns out that when her appointment was a mistake. Because of this error pension accrual may be increased
A group of state Duma deputies and senators made suggestions for amendments to the Constitution. After the end of the presidential term the former presidents, in their proposal, will have the right to become members of the Federation Council. And for life. But they can refuse senatorstva.

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