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Production Studio of singer Natalia Ionova (known by the pseudonym of Glucose) and producer Maxim Fadeev, who filmed the clips of the singer and the animation in the near future may become bankrupt
The investigators gave the court a criminal case against the two offenders, who in April last year staged a mass escape of detainees and convicted persons from the detention center in Tuva. TFR released a record with surveillance camera.
The defendants in the so-called "Network" Filinkov and Julius Victor Boyarshinov will stay in jail until at least June 11
The judge of Presnensky district court of Moscow ruled to arrest for two months head of the Department of pensions of the interior Ministry Colonel of internal service Svetlana Aleshin, who takes on the case of a major bribery
Players of the U.S. women's team demanded a compensation of more than $ 66 million in the judicial process of sex discrimination against the American football Federation, reports the Associated Press.

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