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In the top of the social networking now the tag #etisalate. The creators of the public recognize that fun is not new. Here is how the paintings and sculptures was used for entertainment in the time of Pushkin, Dostoevsky, and Chekhov
32 735 parishioners, about which there is information in the registers of St. Isaac's Cathedral, only 188 were members of the titled nobility. What are the secrets in the personal lives of the Royal family hold the registers of the Cathedral - says the Museum of the Cathedral
In recent years, the phrase "political mistake" came out of wide use. But in Imperial and Soviet Russia, an accusation of this kind was particularly grave sin. This is similar to and for the first time published a curious document from the collections of GA RF
Before the revolution, women were prevented from listening to University lectures, but only as an exception and without the ability to pass exams and get a diploma. The requirement of equality for women education was the leading one of the first slogans of the women's movement
April 7, 1919, after receiving news of the approach to the Crimea, troops of the red army, the former Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna on the English military ship "Marlborough" left Russia. Until the last days of the mother of the executed Nicholas II believed that his son is alive