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The Ministry of Finance announced the completion of the transaction to repurchase from the Central Bank controlling stake in Sberbank. The government paid for 52.3% of the shares of 2.14 trillion rubles, which is 300 billion less than previously planned amount. The Finance Ministry transferred all the money at once and not in several tranches, as originally intended. Such haste is explained by the fact that the government desperately needs money for anti-crisis measures. Now it is time for the Central Bank: the regulator needs to transfer a large part of the amount back to the Treasury. Understand in detail dokhtarironi castling.
Sakhalin sports school summer sports the name of the honored coach Rcfcrcncc switched to distance learning! Prosecurity COVID-19 would not want to participate in video training.
American billionaire bill gates, founder of Microsoft, said that the pandemic coronavirus could be completed by early summer, then the world will begin to return to normal life
In Ulan-Ude, the world champion on Thai Boxing Zhargal Ochirov participated in the chelledzh Living Room Cup, which launched the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo
2 stadiums will appear in Pskov this year

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