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Gradually now in Russia people accept the new reality, in which the main news becomes plaguing the humanity as a virus. Writer Leonid Yuzefovich, whose book "Cranes and dwarfs", "the Autocrat of the desert" and "Winter road" have already become modern classics, said in an interview with "MK" on the anxiety for the future, new adventurers, and how can the pandemic to escalate into Civil war.
In Russia 40 million people have loans from banks. Many several types of obligations: consumer, mortgage, and credit card. And every fourth borrower more than three-month delay in payment.For the loan does not even have to go to the Bank, it is enough to be in the nearby shopping centre to look at the website of the online store or a travel Agency. Temptations lurk at every turn, and then on his neck tightened loop.To cope with the problem difficult, but you can find fellow sufferers, the same borrowers, and together to try to get rid of the credit function, which has been compared to drug and alcohol...
On the first day of spring, March 1, 2020, the Orthodox celebrate forgiveness Sunday. The essence of the holiday seems to know everything: we need to ask forgiveness, to hear in response, "God will forgive" – and assume that the job is done... However, in talking to us, the priest explained: simplification and digitalization of this process, no one benefits. Asking for forgiveness is necessary, first, personally, and secondly sincerely.
For the past many centuries, "leap makeweight" in the form of 29 February is the most controversial day of the year. It involves a number of beliefs, legends, accept. And even scientific research to help those people who are lucky enough to be born in such an unusual day.
At first it seemed the most plausible version of Ukraine's cooperation with Azerbaijan, but in recent years, experts more and more convinced that Ukraine is in this story entered the arena not for the sake of hype, and with serious intentions. But how? "MK" has tried to understand this question.
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to Agency TASS said how difficult it was to discuss several major projects infrastructure with former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin and economy Minister German Gref
In Krasnoyarsk found the other corpse for a few days with traces of dog bites
Traffic conflict on St. George Avenue Zelenograd ended February 23 shooting. Although the driver is the shooter was shooting from a traumatic gun, the driver-the victim received severe injuries to the back and finger.

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