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In the top of the social networking now the tag #etisalate. The creators of the public recognize that fun is not new. Here is how the paintings and sculptures was used for entertainment in the time of Pushkin, Dostoevsky, and Chekhov
Exhibition Antonina Sofronova gallery "the Ark", attended by her graphics and paintings from private collections was opened on the eve of her birthday. "Deaf" year Sofronov had to keep the notion of art as a free choice, notes browser "RG"
The exhibition of works of the king of pop art and one of the best selling artists of Andy Warhol can be seen from 24 April to 20 September in the New building of the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow. For visitors to prepare guided tours, lectures, screenings of documentaries
Few people know that artist Alexander Laktionov depicted in the famous painting "letter from the front" real people. And it was created this masterpiece in the walls of the Trinity Sergius Lavra, gun niche which during the war was converted into a hostel
KGalery in St. Petersburg opened the exhibition "Kustodiev". Painter, amazing riot of colors, presented here in an unusual perspective. In particular, among the hundreds of works is quite a large place is reserved for graphics and photos masters