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According to the President of the United States Donald trump, he doesn't care about the situation around the supply by France of medical supplies to Iran
The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Iran on February 19, exceeded 21.6 thousand people. "For the last days identified 1028 new cases COVID-19. Unfortunately, 129 people died from the disease," - said in the Ministry of health of the Republic of
In the Islamic Republic of coronavirus COVID-19 over the past day died 113 people. The number of deaths from the disease in the country since February 19, is 724. To date, Iran has recovered 4590 people
In the Islamic Republic of coronavirus COVID-19 over the past day died 113 people. The number of deaths from the disease in the country since February 19, is 724. To date, Iran has recovered 4590 people
The United States reinforce the air defence system in Iraq after the shelling of the base in Taji. The Pentagon said that fear not only ballistic missiles, but also attacks Iranian drones
March 7, Russia introduced a temporary ban on the entry of nationals from Iran for training and work in our country, in private, tourist and transit purposes. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The reason was the situation with coronavirus in the Islamic Republic
Attempts to inflate the military threat from Iran, accompanied by a favorite foreign policy taking the US complaints about Russia and China. The Russian foreign Ministry believe that the issue of extending the arms embargo against Iran in the UN security Council should not
According to the Iranian foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the US invasion of Afghanistan ended in complete surrender
Misdraw Belarus reported a second case of infection by the coronavirus in the country
In Iran identified 593 cases of infection with coronavirus, and the ratio of the number of cases and deaths, Iran ranks second in the world, yielding leadership only to China. As the country is experiencing an epidemic, found out the correspondent "RG"
The Armenian party "Civil contract", which leader is the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, has canceled scheduled for Sunday procession, timed to the 12th anniversary of the mass riots of March 1, 2008
The beginning of the war of Turkey with Syria amid escalation of the situation in Idlib became a trap for Ankara and the Turkish leader, Tayyip Erdogan, said the decision of the CEC of the Turkish party Vatan ("homeland")
The number of people infected with coronavirus new type of in Canada has increased to twenty people, reports on Saturday broadcaster CBC
Washington could help Iran in the fight against the spread of a new type of coronavirus, the government of the Islamic Republic requested
Turkey announced the suspension of all passenger flights to Italy, South Korea and Iraq in connection with the spread of the coronavirus in those countries
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the head of Iran Hassan Rouhani held telephone talks, according to the Kremlin website
Chinese authorities have arrested today the flight from Beijing to Moscow, as was suspected for the presence of coronavirus, one of the passengers
The most disadvantaged epidemic regarding coronavirus countries are China, South Korea, Italy and Iran, is spoken in the message of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation
The coronavirus was diagnosed in a citizen of Georgia, who returned from Iran, said the head of the national centre for disease control, Ministry of health of the country, Amiran Gamkrelidze
Five people, who are infected with coronavirus, a citizen of Iran in Moscow, which was in the Sheremetyevo transit, hospitalized in infectious diseases hospital
Since December 31, was viewed by over 3 million people, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.
The government of Jamaica has banned the entry into its ports of a large cruise ship out of Italy, fearing the spread of the coronavirus
The total number of infected with a new type of coronavirus in the world is increasing and by the morning of 29 February was 85153 man
Coronavirus COVID-19, apparently, is changing: the percentage of deaths seems to be decreasing, despite the increasing speed of distribution around the world. But, for example, in Iran the mortality rate is through the roof. About a mutation of the coronavirus we talked with the ex-employee NPO "Vector", Professor, corresponding member of RAS, head of laboratory of biotechnology and Virology HAIRDRYER Novosibirsk state University Sergey Netesov.
In Belarus recorded the first case of infection with the novel coronavirus, it was discovered by a student from Iran, who arrived on a flight from Baku, informs a press-service of the Ministry of health of the Republic of
Oil fell to $51.4 per kick. Quotes have sunk to a record depth since the beginning of the year. 3 Jan barrel was trading for $68,64. The reason for that was the Chinese epidemic. The markets are afraid of the coronavirus, which captures new and new countries. Investors are seriously concerned about even greater coverage areas that can lead to serious economic consequences for world GDP, and the Russian Federal budget and the national currency. The Euro, on February 27 in the course of trading, breaking the mark of 72 RUB, updated the lowest figure since September last year.
Authoritative scientific journal Science published an interview with leading epidemiologists from Oxford and Harvard universities. They are sounding the alarm: the coronavirus COVID-19 spread across the planet. Border controls and tracking of patient contacts do not help. It's time to change the whole strategy.
About 81 thousand people in the world were infected with coronavirus new. This was announced by Director of the European regional office of the world health organization Hans Kluge. He added that effective treatments are not yet developed
The health Ministry of Iraq said that the country has revealed one more case of infection with coronavirus
Tourists have the right to take trips to Italy, South Korea and Iran. The spread of the coronavirus, which killed nearly 3 thousand people is sufficient grounds for cancellation with a full refund of the cost of the permit, reminiscent of the CPS
81 002 man in the world was diagnosed with coronavirus COVID-19
The CPS does not recommend Russian citizens to visit Italy, South Korea and Iran in connection with the outbreaks provoked by the novel coronavirus
70-m the Berlin film festival has long been there were not so many Russian films, except in the years of Perestroika. Now, after a radical change in the leadership of the festival, our film is again noticed. The choice was unconventional. Already hosted two premieres. In the framework of the jubilee of the 50th "Forum showed first feature film "the Town fell asleep" Maria Ignatenko, and speciality - "Lessons Farsi" Vadim Perelman, shot in co-production of Russia, Germany and Belarus.
While American politicians are trying to make sense of the recent January events (the assassination of General Soleimani and rocket attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq), which could lead to an actual war between the US and Iran, Washington once again became popular statements about "supporting the Iranian people".
European diplomats seeking to use Iranian campaign of "maximum pressure" of the administration of the trump in the negotiations on the new deal, are increasingly of concern. According to them, in recent months, U.S. officials have convinced themselves that the Iranian regime is on the verge of collapse. They do not show much interest in having to return to the negotiating table, even though the expansion of Tehran's nuclear program.
For 40 years, Iran and the United States have mutual hatred and constant conflict. But Washington and Tehran understand the inevitability of future bilateral negotiations and even cooperation, not so much for bilateral relations (although that is important), but for the sake of peace and security in the middle East.

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