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The ruble may be of interest to investors if the OPEC countries+ expanded group will be able to negotiate the reduction of oil production. Factor in the support of the Russian currency promises to be a fall in demand for foreign goods and travel
The discussion deals with the OPEC+ will become one of the Central themes of all news agencies. Expert "RG" does not exclude that the ruble may start a new attempt to adjust to the protracted wave attenuation
The dollar for the first time in two weeks in the early hours of the month fell below 77 rubles, and euros - less than 83. In April the foreign exchange market will depend on the negotiations on the reduction of oil production and the rate decision of the Central Bank
The dynamics of oil prices and the spread of the coronavirus will continue to significantly affect the health of the ruble. Support the ruble sales of foreign currency by the Bank of Russia
Prospects of the Russian currency in April, while vague, and much will depend on countering the spread of coronavirus. Under a positive scenario likely scenario is the strengthening of the ruble

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