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"When the war started, I was five. He went missing in 1942". About what life was boy during the war - said biathlete, double Olympic champion Viktor Mamatov
About the roots and the coronavirus, the Harvard and the Afghan war, about telesave and working in the Russian regions. The journalist of "the Motherland" Vladimir Nordvik talks with well-known pediatrician and a popular TV presenter Andrey Prodeusa
In February, died the great scientist Valentin Lavrentievich Yanin. Great scientists in the space surrounding us is Dating, but a wonderful historian and archaeologist, a longtime friend and author of "the Motherland" in this brilliant cohort, stands out visibly and naosobitsu
A veteran of mountaineering gotovtseva Maria says that the song "the climber" is devoted to her. Reason not to believe the words of Maria Frolovna no: in 1966 she was the only female instructor in the movie "Vertical", where Vladimir Vysotsky sang for the first time on the big screen
March 7, 1960, American helicopter pilots noticed in the open sea semiflooded barge on which people lay. The rescued people were brought aboard the carrier. They said that they do not need anything but fuel and food, and that they will get home. Soviet sailors had been at sea for 49 days without food and water